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As the leading qualified and licensed estate agent advising on Turkish citizenship and Turkish immigration law, we are pleased to offer our assistance to our foreign clients to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment in 2023: https://www.kalkanproperty.com/kalkan-villas/turkish-citizenship-property/

The Regulation Regarding Application of Turkish Citizenship Code was recently amended. In line with the new regulations, all foreigners who buy a property / properties worth at least 400,000 USD or equivalent, then it is very simple to get Turkish Citizenship for themselves as well as their families:

This can be a property for the minimum amount or above then, our company can assist you during this process. First of all, we need to find a property / properties , then, you can enter into the 2nd stage of the process. Property / Properties cannot be sold for a minimum of 3 years. Our company provides a comprehensive citizenship application program where the consultancy is provided for this. Estate Agency fees are not included in these expenses.

*How does citizenship application process work in Turkey? When you buy property/properties with a value of at least $400,000 you need to make an application for Citizenship via the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Your application is sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, whose Appraisers check and verify the value of the properties. The Ministry then places a statement on the Title Deed stating that you may not sell it for 3 years. The application is then sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and you will receive your ID card and Turkish passport soon after

Frequently asked questions  

*Can my family get Turkish Citizenship? Yes. You, your wife (or husband) and your children who are under the age of 18 (on the application date) may get citizenship.

*Should I buy one property above $400,000 or can I buy multiple properties? You can buy either just one property, or several properties which have a total value of more than $400,000 but remember that you need to apply for your citizenship at the same time for all. The Tapu office accepts citizenship applications only if the combined declared values are above $400,000.

*What is the responsibility of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization? The ministry verifies that the value declared on the Title Deed is correct and above $400,000, with sworn appraisers. All the property value must be paid by bank transfer to the Property Seller.  

*Can my mother and father obtain citizenship in Turkey_ what about my child who is over the age of 18? To be eligible to apply, they must buy property over $400.000 in their own name.

*I have an invalid (disabled) child above 18 years old. What about his/her situation? Any dependent child, who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, can become Turkish citizen, with their parents, on provision of special application documents which proves their disability.

*What documents are required for citizenship? Our experienced and dedicated team can give full information about the documents needed, and how to get them, when you have purchased property with us.

*Which nationalities may apply for Turkish passport? All nationalities who are able to buy property in Turkey, may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

*How should I calculate the exchange rate of USD and TL? On the date of your application, the Tapu Office calculates value of your investment, according to the Turkish Central Bank’s selling rate on the date of your transfer.

How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship (TC) for all family members? It usually takes around 3-6 months to obtain Turkish Citizenships and Turkish Passports for the Principal Applicant (Investor) and other family members provided that all the documentation is ready and duly compiled,

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