Our Services

Mavi Real Estate and Property Services provide many services for our clients, some of which are listed below.

Please let us know your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Making necessary searches regarding properties for sale before they go into our databank.
  • Drawing sales and/or reservation contracts.
  • Obtaining power of attorney (in Turkey and abroad).
  • Arranging lawyers.
  • Arranging mortgages.
  • Submitting the sale application at the land registry and zoning department for military clearance.
  • All kinds of authorized interpretations/translations. Kalkan Property Services has a certified and sworn translator/interpreter within the company.
  • Ensuring that the title deed gets transferred into the buyer(s) name in a prompt manner.
  • Following up all works to be completed, the goods to be fitted in the property according to the contract and keeping you informed with prompt and regular updates.
  • Assisting you with insurance, utility registration, residency permits, cutoms matters, land line/mobile phones, repairs, interior decoration, landscaping, cleaning services, etc.
  • Making valuations. We charge 200 YTL for each valuation of property.
  • Architectural projects
  • Construction
  • Arranging airport transfers, car hire, private tours, local info.,villas

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